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Podfic: Common Circuitry Problems [PG]
more things to say
It's that time again, folks - the procrastination hour!  I've started podficcing the insanely excellent (but very long) Star Shaped by passe_simple , and the American accent I made the mistake of trying out on my lengthiest podfic yet is truly tongue-tripping.  So when cest_what  wrote back to me saying she didn't mind me getting my grubby voice all over her and softlyforgotten 's brief venture into bandom robot-human relations, I jumped at the chance to record something short, simple and sweet in my native dialect.  Yeah, I know they're from Vegas.

Without (much) further ado.

Title: Common Circuitry Problems
cest_what  and softlyforgotten [Original Text Here]
Length: 22:49
Format: MP3 [Download Here]
Pairings: Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer 
Rating: PG
"Your robot has a stutter?  Spence, that's adorable."

Rec: Ryan Ross is a sentient, awkward robot and Brendon falls in love!  I don't really have anything more to add - that premise kind of does it for me all by itself.  Luckily, though, it's supported by two great writers who come together to create super charming characterizations, funny scenarios and a whole lot of metallic fluff.  As always, even if you don't dig the sound of my voice, I highly recommend you check out the fic for some warm fuzzies.

Credit: Thanks ever so to the gracious cest_what  for writing back and letting me know she was down with the podfic (on a related note, I wasn't able to get a response from softlyforgotten; if you ever come across this and are appalled or otherwise upset by it, please do let me know and I will take it down posthaste).  Thanks to brimtoast - who has promised I'll get a sneak peek at the latest installment in Forever, Now, her epic podficcing venture starring the Way brothers - just for being an awesome, welcoming person; and to cybel, podbook mistress of the universe.

An extra unheard thanks going out to Dan Mangan, the brilliant man who penned and performed the song you hear at the end.  It's called Robots, and it's a lovely addition to any mix CD or playlist.  I'm sure he'd be surprised at its use here, but I don't really care.  He seems like a chill dude.

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Hey, posting jinx! I just went to amplificathon to post Forever, Now Part 5 and then I saw this and had to come grab it first :)

I will listen to it on the way to work today. Very exciting! And then I will return and tell you all about how wonderful you are.


Okay, I have now listened to it twice, once on the way to work, and once on the way home (I am a tutor, so I work in short bursts) :D

It's delightful. There's a delicate feel to your reading, and it really drew me in. In the last scene especially, I found myself listening intently to every word. I just, like, if you'd been telling the story in person, I'd have been leaning forward at that point. And then the song at the end was really fun and instantly got stuck in my head, though it was a bit jarring how much louder it was than the speech, and I had to turn the volume down a bit when it came on.

Okay, let's see, specific moments. The first Ryan robot voice made me beam delightedly at the strangers I was passing on the street. It was so unexpected and so great! And then once his voice was fixed, the totally monotone delivery of the first line made me laugh out loud. It seemed like, as the story progressed, Ryan's voice got subtly less robotic and more human-sounding, which was really cool.

Several line deliveries stood out to me as awesome: when Brendon is thinking "robot robot robot" near the end, when Ryan mumbles "I think I'm still broken." Oh, and the alarmed way Spencer said "No-" when Ryan drank coffee. It's hard to get in urgency but not be *too* intense and startling, and I thought you did perfectly. And the delivery of "In one touch, a human can pass on several million bacteria, of countless varieties and species" made me laugh.

Anyway! I have to run, because my boyfriend wants to go out for tacos, but. Yay! It was lovely.

How are you so awesome? It must be genetic.

Seriously. This is far and away the nicest comment I've ever recieved on anything I've ever thrown up onto the internet. It makes me all shaky and ecstatic.

I was worried that once people heard the first robot Ryan voice, they'd stop listening because they'd think it was going to be that way all the way through. It was fun playing with the pitch - I love Audacity. Also, yes Dan Mangan! He lives near me so I have a certain proprietary feeling about him even though he is a relatively famous artist and has no idea who I am. When I listened to the podfic after exporting it, I did realize it was too loud but was too much of a lazy bugger to change it... sorry your eardrums were sacrificed.

So yeah, you rock like Mount Rushmore - I am motivated now to get a move on on Star Shaped, and maybe I'll even re-record that first hour I'm not totally happy with.

I hope those were the best tacos of your life. YOUR LIFE. You deserve it for making a stranger so giddy.

AHHH, FIC OF MY HEART! Downloading now and cannot wait to listen! <3

Oh, this was lovely! The difference between the dialogue and narration was perfect, and I adoooored the Ryan voice! It's just so sweet and adorable and ;alkdsfja. HE WOULD LIKE IF HE COULD WALK. YOU ARE NOT SUFFICIENTLY STERILE. Bless. And Brendon's excited voice is fantastic.

Loved the song at the end, too, I'll have to check the artist out.

Every Ryan line made me giggle when I read the fic, I'm glad they translated well for you. I love reading Brendon - he's such a bouncy little bundle of nerves.

Thank you for the sweet feedback (also your icon is both adorable and hilarious, I've never seen it before!).

Oooo, thanks for adding me as I wouldn't have thought to look but I think what you're offering is JUST what I need! :-) So hi! *waves*

I added you because you put such interesting stuff up in your public entries! Looking forward to having cool shit pop up on my flist periodically. And hee, I didn't even know you were in bandom. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Thanks <3

awesome - this is one of those fics that I didn't get around to reading :D

Oh fuck, I love you. This is brilliant. I love Ryan's voice - all of his lines are three times funnier than we wrote them, in that drawl.

Hearing your own words read aloud can be such a dangerous thing - in the past it's made me want to hide - but this is so darling, I am charmed all to hell ♥

(Also really glad somebody listened here and then commented over at the fic, or I wouldn't have known you'd done it!)

Aw, I'm glad you didn't want to hide. It's always nice to hear from the creator that you haven't mangled their baby into a bloody pulp.

Yes, I'm kind of an incompetent poster - meant to drop you a line on the fic page, but I guess I forgot. Glad you made your way here anyways, and thanks again for writing such adorablosity and letting me play with it!

Hey, I'm sorry, I completely missed your original comment! Sometimes things get lost in my inbox, I am a loser, etc. /o\

But this is so darling, oh my god, I am so delighted that you liked it enough to do this and you've done it so well, argh. Ryan's little monotone, oh. ♥

Would you mind if I linked to this from the original fic?

It's cool, I am truly terrible at responding to comments and the like - they just sit there in my inbox, looking menacing. I had a hunch you'd be okay with it, or I wouldn't have gone ahead. You seem like a pretty chill cat (and I've always adored your stories).

Yay Ryan! I know I can't emulate his real voice, but I did hope delivery would compensate, which it seems to have done. All the lines were so well written, I felt like they just popped into my mouth already said - particularly the coffee shop germ scene. That was a bit tough to read without dissolving into giggles.

I'd be honoured if you linked it on the fic! Onward, LJ soldiers!

♥ Delivery was perfect, oh man. I laughed embarrassingly the whole way through.

Have done so!

What a wonderful recording! I loved what you did with Ryan's voice. :D

Aw, thanks very much! The monotone is hard to get a hold of.

This was such a comfort to me last night. My job was making me want to quit the internet and I simply couldn't find it in me to surf and read for leisure because I would keep getting distracted by my open work-related tabs. But through your podfic, I was able to step away from my desk and all it represented, and just get back into the story. I'm glad the story and your podfic exists.

This makes me so happy, you have no idea! I have the exact same experience when I'm listening to podfic, so the fact that this could be that safe place for you gives me happy glowy feelings.

I'm glad the story exists too; she is such a talented lady.

I listened to this today (as it was recced at amplirecathon!). You did an awesome job with robot!Ryan (actually with all their voices) - Argh! RYAN how so perfect!? This was so sweet, and you really made me laugh with the germs bit in the coffee shop \o/

Also you sold me a Dan Mangan song \o/

Hi there, I'd like to rec this AMAZING podfic at, but I just checked your link to the podfic (Megaupload, timed out) and to the original text (locked). Do you have any places I can link people to for my rec? I listened again today, and you did such a wonderful interpretation of the text I want EVERYONE to hear it! If you don't want to get involved, I can upload my copy to dropbox for the link or something, if that's OK?

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Common Circuitry Problems

I enjoyed listening to this. Like everyone else, I loved your Ryan voice.

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