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Podfic: The Accountant AU [PG]


Today I woke up with a brutal cold and nothing planned, and I decided that the appropriate thing to do with my afternoon would be to record one of the thirty or so bandom fics I have earmarked in my memories as potential 'podficcing material'.  My voice is about an octave lower than its usual pitch, and for some reason I thought it would be interesting to do some male voices while it was down there.  The results are that this podfic sounds very low and gravelly in parts - if that's a turn-off for you, you may want to avoid the download.  Otherwise, enjoy one of my favourite fluffy Frankie/Gee stories from an amazing author!

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Challenge: Another Place, Another Time [AU Bingo Card]

Okay gang.  This is it.  I'ma write some fic, with the help of my AU Bingo squares.  The lovely folks over at au_bingo  will dole out a card to any fool mother silly enough to ask, and I'm ready to lay down some ridiculousness, which should be aided and abetted by the lovely card I got.

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Hells yes! Which one should I do first?  The randomizer gifted me with lots of fantasy stuff, which I have no problem with.  I think this is the time to finally write that Pushing Daisies band!AU I've been pining for.  Clearly no one else is going to do it.


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Mixtape: Migration To A Town Where [A Buy The Sky Mix]

Hey gang!  A few months ago, I signed up to do a fanmix for the very excellent kradambigbang , hosted by the equally fabulous chosenfire28 .  Well, time has ticked on by and the posting dates are lumbering towards us.  I'm in under the wire with this mix - and acoutrements - for constancedobler , whose story Buy The Sky I was fortunate enough to get (and read first, neener neener).

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[READ THE FIC when it goes up.  I'm not shitting you.  It's killer.]
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Mixtape: Safe To Dance [A Toe Tapping Mix]

 This one's for arithilim 's mix exchange.  I had a super open prompt: music to dance to!  So of course my initial tracklist was over eighty songs long.  Managed to knock it down to twenty, and it's free of rap and eighties music as requested - though I snuck a Prince cover in there.  He is a dancin' fool, that man.  If you don't like clapping in music, this mix may not be for you.  It's kind of a theme.

Downloadable in a zip file from Megaupload here.

Photos are common use from Flickr dicked around in Photoshop.  Songs belong to their respective owners, obvs.  Have fun!  Do a dance!

It's, um, pretty eclectic.  Never thought I would have Bowie and Hanson on the same mix, but the brothers H. just put out a new album and it is actually pretty good pop/folk music!  Who'da thunk.  The last couple of songs are waltzes, so find a partner or your cat.

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Podfic: Common Circuitry Problems [PG]

It's that time again, folks - the procrastination hour!  I've started podficcing the insanely excellent (but very long) Star Shaped by passe_simple , and the American accent I made the mistake of trying out on my lengthiest podfic yet is truly tongue-tripping.  So when cest_what  wrote back to me saying she didn't mind me getting my grubby voice all over her and softlyforgotten 's brief venture into bandom robot-human relations, I jumped at the chance to record something short, simple and sweet in my native dialect.  Yeah, I know they're from Vegas.

Without (much) further ado.

Title: Common Circuitry Problems
cest_what  and softlyforgotten [Original Text Here]
Length: 22:49
Format: MP3 [Download Here]
Pairings: Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer 
Rating: PG
"Your robot has a stutter?  Spence, that's adorable."

Rec: Ryan Ross is a sentient, awkward robot and Brendon falls in love!  I don't really have anything more to add - that premise kind of does it for me all by itself.  Luckily, though, it's supported by two great writers who come together to create super charming characterizations, funny scenarios and a whole lot of metallic fluff.  As always, even if you don't dig the sound of my voice, I highly recommend you check out the fic for some warm fuzzies.

Credit: Thanks ever so to the gracious cest_what  for writing back and letting me know she was down with the podfic (on a related note, I wasn't able to get a response from softlyforgotten; if you ever come across this and are appalled or otherwise upset by it, please do let me know and I will take it down posthaste).  Thanks to brimtoast - who has promised I'll get a sneak peek at the latest installment in Forever, Now, her epic podficcing venture starring the Way brothers - just for being an awesome, welcoming person; and to cybel, podbook mistress of the universe.

An extra unheard thanks going out to Dan Mangan, the brilliant man who penned and performed the song you hear at the end.  It's called Robots, and it's a lovely addition to any mix CD or playlist.  I'm sure he'd be surprised at its use here, but I don't really care.  He seems like a chill dude.
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Movies: Stardust

 This week:


Adapted from a Neil Gaiman book I wanted to like more than I did, awkward and unengaging first half but picks up towards the climax.  The dead brothers were entertaining in a Princess Bride kind of way, though it never gets to those heights in terms of screenwriting or acting.  That being said, beautiful sets and a very convincing physical transformation of Tristran which I enjoyed watching.  Also, the guy playing Septimus looks identical to Alan Rickman - a little unnerving.

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Mixtape: Want You For The Cause (An Unhinged Mix)

Round two for adellyna 's mixtape exchange!  This one is a bonus for the first requester, who wanted a non-emo sociopathic mix.  The lovely novembersmith  made the primary mix, which is amazing and can be found here; this is purely for my own amusement and that of anyone who craves more sociopathy.  I'm not a sociopath (suspiciously specific denial ahoy), but I love them in my media - this mix in particular draws from the excellent Perfume: Story Of A Murderer, and from Falling Down, a crazy-awesome Michael Douglas movie.

You can download that sucka in a zip file from Megaupload here.

Your usual mix story: boy feels isolated, boy discovers deep and abiding interest in pain, boy considers suicide, boy decides taking others' lives is a superior option, boy goes on gleeful and tidy killing spree, boy drives off into the sunset hotly pursued by the local law enforcement.  Enjoy!

Cheers!  Try not to kill anyone on your way home.
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Podfic: Ryan Ross, Wedding Planner [PG-13]

It makes me sad that I can only meander my way into a fandom three years after its heyday when nobody wants to talk about it anymore.  Tear.  Eyebrow.  At any rate, there's lots of great stuff bandom's left on the internet I can scavenge and read, and here's some of it.  This is a 2oo7 fic by the brillant adellyna , and she very kindly let me record it though she'd never heard of the weirdness that is podfic.

Without further ado.

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