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Podfic: The Accountant AU [PG]
le brie est sur la table

Today I woke up with a brutal cold and nothing planned, and I decided that the appropriate thing to do with my afternoon would be to record one of the thirty or so bandom fics I have earmarked in my memories as potential 'podficcing material'.  My voice is about an octave lower than its usual pitch, and for some reason I thought it would be interesting to do some male voices while it was down there.  The results are that this podfic sounds very low and gravelly in parts - if that's a turn-off for you, you may want to avoid the download.  Otherwise, enjoy one of my favourite fluffy Frankie/Gee stories from an amazing author!

Title: The Accountant AU
Author: shoemaster [Original Text Here]
Length: 45:13
Format: MP3 [Download Here]
Pairings: Frank/Gerard, minor Gabe/Greta 
Rating: PG
Summary: Gerard opens the door on the far wall to reveal a closet, which he rifles through, muttering to himself.

"A ha!" he cries out, emerging with a... gallon of paint?

"Please tell me that's empty," Frank says before he can stop himself. Gerard shakes his head.

"It's not empty; this is where all my stuff is. Like, business stuff and whatever."

Rec: Frank Iero is a CPA (certified professional accountant).  Gerard is a working artist who doesn't even know what a T-4 slip is.  Together, they fight crime!  No wait.  Together, they do Gerard's taxes.  Adorably.  It's not a complicated fic, but shoemaster does a great Frank voice and it is interesting to see the small changes that she made to create a world where Frankie would plausibly have gone into a profession so different from his current one.  Greta is a doll as Frank's sassy officemate, and Gabe and Jon mill around in the background too.  Definitely worth a read and a bookmark as usual, even if you don't care for my podfic.

Credit: I'm doing something I haven't before - posting a podfic before getting explicit permission from the author.  I wrote to shoemaster , but haven't received a response.  Not sure how active she still is in bandom, but of course if anyone alerts her to it in another way and she's unhappy, I'll take it down pronto.  The music clips at the beginning and the end (which are still too loud, damn it... they always sound fine on my machine), are from the same song: The Painter, by I'm From Barcelona, a fun silly band that's especially good for working out to.

I record on Audacity, which is a fantastic piece of free audio software that works for anyone with a mic imput, with the help of my lappy and my two noisome cats.  Have a good day, bandom!


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Brilliant! Thanks for sharing, love, I can't wait to listen it!

For a moment I thought you were posting Star Shaped and my heart skipped a beat. I wasn't ready for it yet! =)

Have a nice day too, my dear!

Yeah, that'll be a while down the road yet now that I'm in school full-time again.
I hope you enjoy this in the meanwhile, though :3

I loved it. I think you have the perfect voice for Frank. It's like I was inside his mind, I was able to see what was happening to him so clearly.

Fantastic voice, and fantastic work. Congratulations.

Yay, another story I haven't read and very much look forward to hearing. And your first Frank/Gerard podfic, right?

I am in the middle of listening to a fantaaaaabulous Frank/Mikey/Pete podfic, but this has totally just jumped up to next on my list. :)

(Also, I just friended you, because for some reason I hadn't before)

Yup! First Frankie/Gee (except for the pre-stuff in Star Shaped, of course). They're so fun, I'm definitely going to try again with more time and refining put in.

Ooh. I struggle with Pete sometimes, but send me the link, pretty please? Now that we're friends and all XD.

How is Star Shaped going?

Link is here. Why do you struggle with Pete? I haven't read a ton of stuff with Pete, but I tend to find him fairly enjoyable, and I definitely liked him in this story. This story has ~done things~ to me, though. I suddenly find Mikey about twice as hot as I did previously, and Frank/Mikey, which I never put much thought into, has started to seem like the best idea ever.

Star Shaped is...

- shoulderslump -

I don't know. After a few months away from it, I went back and listened to it this weekend, and all the stuff I thought was really clean and clever when I recorded it just sounds like junk now. I think I may be having a mid-podfic crisis. I will pull through, but it may involve a lot of re-recording in a small dark room.

Eee, it will be downloaded in eight seconds and then I shall feast my ears. Pete... I guess as someone who came into the fandom through Panic and then MCR, I got this weird picture of him as an older sleazeball adavantage-taking dude (in fic only, obvs. I'm sure real!Pete is lovely). And then I read the cultverse. Or most of it, I just couldn't get through some of the stuff, as well as it was written. Freaked me the frak out, let me tell you.

But Frank/Mikey - I love them as beffies so much, and I would not be at all averse to reading some good Frank/Mikey fic if it weren't for the fact that Gerard always shows up and I expect him to start chewing Frank's earlobe or something. Heh.

Give it a couple listens before you start to scrap bits, okay? I find that the first time listening back to something of yours you haven't listened to in a while is always hard. You might find the second or third time through that it's not nearly as bad as you thought at first.

What is cultverse? Not that, based on that description, I will necessarily *do* anything with the knowledge except possibly steer clear.

Anyway, I don't think Pete comes off as old, sleazy, or advantage-taking in this fic, so... maybe it will rehabilitate him in your eyes, who knows?

I finished listening to The Accountant AU today! It was really sweet. I thought you did an especially good job with Frank's drunk-voice at the karaoke bar.

Aaaaand by "something of yours" I meant "something of one's own," of course, not "something of yours-in-particular."

Downloading! Excited to listen!

Just a random comment from a stranger to say I really love your podfic! Have recently listened to both this one and Ryan Ross Wedding Planner and they're amazing. Something about your voice just makes me hit repeat. Anyways, before this gets into creeper territory, just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated and you should totally record more bandom stuff (or other stuff! I'm just super into bandom right now). :-)

Loved this. So cute. I ADORED your drunk!Frank voice. Also Greta. Perfect reading of this story. <3

Stranger here. I've been following breadcrumbs to new fics for the past couple hours and came here from knight-tracer's rec( only to find your download link was on megaupload and now doesn't exist. Basically I'm asking if you'd be willing to post a new download link? Please?

Hi honey,

Oh man, I was so choked when MegaVideo went down I didn't even realize I had all my podfic and mixes up on MegaUpload. I'll definitely re-upload all of them... do you have any recommendations for a good file sharing site that's easy to use?

MediaFire is a good standby, so is SendSpace.

Then I googled, because I didn't know and found this thread about it:

I hope you find one you like!

And I am still mourning MegaVideo.... *sigh

aloha! I was wondering if you've re-uploaded. I'm downloading some podfics to listen to during oral surgery for which I'm too cheap to pay for general anesthesia, so podfic is taking its place. I would love to add yours to my list, but I can't if I can't get it! anyway, if you do, let me know!

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